See below the main three service we can provide. It is not limited to only thee three, but they are the foundation of everything that has to be to find a home for a Tenant, sell a property for a Seller or find financing for a dream home.

Services 1. Real Estate

Why you have to work with only One Company or only One Realtor, why not to put the whole Realtor team to work. How to do that?

In RE Plus our priority is you, not the commission or benefits of the transaction. Setting the right priorities from the beginning RE Plus assure you will get the best result, faster and affordable.

How we do that?

We do not limit our effort to our team, if to sale or buy a property we have to make an agreement with another Real Estate company we do it. 

We recognize we can not be experts in Every Market, City, neighborhood or building, but for sure there is somebody that is. We focus to work with that person for you, even if that means to leave part of our commission apart. 

Services 2. Property Management


We will never say "that is not my problem". May be we can not do everything, but we can connect with the right consultant on your behalf.

For us Property Management meas People Management. We deal we people, families, dreams and lives. We secure your investment or the interest of the community.

Services 3. Lending

We work with a variety of Mortgage Brokers, Lender and Banks to asure to cover all client needs.

There is always a solution for your case. If there is no way you can apply for a loan today, we walk with you the process to improve you conditions to get financing tomorrow.